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    After laying the fundamental knowledge for process safety in the IEC 61511 awareness course the second blocks subject is the SRS (Safety Requirement Specification) for SIL loop safety design. You complete the safety lifecycle with the required verification for design and/or implementation as required activities. Block three of the process safety course addresses the verification and is completed with a certification exam.


    The awareness course in block 1 is mandatory for those participants who don’t have verifiable knowledge on the subject. Block 3 can only be attended by those participant that completed block 2.


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    After laying the fundamental knowledge for Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG in the Introduction course the second blocks subjects are: “Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis” on day 1  and “Using Standards and Technical File”  in day 2.


    You complete the Machine Safety course in block three with “Integrating Machines and modifications to existing machines” on the first day and “Introduction to total safety introducing  other EU directives and process safety” on the second day.


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    Dymenzions is a useful tool  for administrating all functional process safety activities. For each fase in the lifecycle a Dymenzions module is developed. These user courses will also address theory as well. Hand on exercises, tips and tricks will prepare the user for the efficient deployment of Dymenzions in your company.


    The courses can be attended as separate modules depending on needs. Basic functional process safety knowledge is assumed.


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